For your company or team. We can create some checkpoints where you can try lot of historical activities.

  • Military training
  • Archery practice with demonstration
  • Cooking with historical recepies
  • Making historical fabre
  • Gambling with rols or gotes

Fighting and dual presentations

Watching our presentations of real duels and other such fights gives you a feeling you are in the very past. You are going to experience a spectacular show full of tensions, vigour, bravery as well as witty moments.

  • Historical Sword Fighting Tournaments
  • Troops Training
  • Sword Art Techniques Demonstrations
  •  The Performance Length According to Agreement

Fight presentations are to be an ideal suitable festival enlivening held in castles, palaces or city historical events aiming at the 15th century.

Archery and crossbow shooting

You can have first-hand experience of shooting of various mechanical weapons used in the 15th century. Fully functional shooting range as well as qualified supervisors will be arranged for visitors.

  • Safety shooting booth and buffers
  • Various kinds of bows
  • Presence of qualified supervisors
  • Shooting tournaments

Period parades

Our costumes, arms and armours take inspiration from what was worn in the first half of the 15th century in the central Europe. We can offer:

  • Performers in various kinds of costumes (soldiers, nobility, gentry, …)
  • Historical Noble Escort
  • Night Processions

As agreed with the organiser of the event it is possible to realise a historical procession through the city the night before the festivities. The processions are held for the purpose to attract visitors, which is effective especially at minor events given at castles or palaces.

The Middle Ages to Feel

Come and see our medieval camp, we will be happy to show you our armor and weapons, including expert commentary.

  • Martial Arms Presentation and Explanation
  • Period Life Performance

As agreed with the organiser of the event it is possible to arrange a full historical tented city and craft demonstrations (blacksmiths, period cuisine and kitchens, …).

For further information, please contact us.


Let yourself be enchanted by the spell of a captivating fire show. Discover a world full of epic stories, flames and raw emotions!

  • Small fire show (duration approx. 7 min)
  • Large fire show (duration approx. 12 min)
  • Short shows (number of shows by agreement, duration approx. 2 min)